Stupid ig losers and their premature victory banter..

‪Ghost white hand of reality crept through my delirium, upsetting the equilibrium of the die that had been cast. The sky cleared , the sun appeared .. the waters were calm at last. As I looked over the horizon towards tomorrow yesterday came into focus and I saw all its sorrow was solely for myself and laughed at it’s now apparent hocus pocus . Sometimes you want to believe a thing about a person so much but it’s really so you won’t doubt yourself. Realised you made a mistake and admit it.. review it clinically n forget it.. it never even knew you . You were wrong once when up against a professional! So what!! You’re neither actor or scammer.. you are the real deal! You don’t have to wear a mask cuz ur face is already beautiful … you have nothing to hide!Don’t worry the things you are your own professional at are much more rewarding! As one thing faces depletion you will be fulfilled in far more substantial ways! Heavens know what’s best for their child even though you doubted.. that thing was far from best.. so now you know.. go and be glad .. You will reap the benefits for years while others only reap what they sow. No more of what u have .. didn’t it feel good to let that darkness n stupidity go!? P‬

Published by Maniacal Moon Media

i am a struggling panicky and poetic person in Tucson..i am at times too kind, too trusting and am currently hacked, stalked and suffering financially from identity theft and losing ability to collect funds and get to work..yikes

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