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Land of Lost Socks,People,Shit

Oh my God I just wrote an entire paragraph complete with correct spelling and what I think to be funny quotes and looked down and to my horror it was not there where the hell did it go I assume you went to land of lost socks, people and SHIT.. everything seems to go thereContinue reading “Land of Lost Socks,People,Shit”

Mass Masturbation


and clips taken.
hella pix

Hardens many dix 

Here we go

Vlognumero six 

As U Present

 In reverence, I bow n submit

Desire,love I feel it 

In all its incompetence

Being created within me

Taking you with me

 perpetuating a frenzy

Turning into something real 

Turning you into hardest steel

 That will penetrate an inferno

Be spent and consumed

Buried exhumed

Thousands of times 

By desire’s design 

becoming what’s mine

The very basis of this sexual manifesto
In utero

in my interior universe
No, not I

I never quit!

Give it 2 me now
As you taste meWow .

 Give me ALL of it. 


Consume me, I demand it.

I want you.I want it !

Now. whole,

 Entirely .

Pleasure divine.

 Extincts normal time.

Dieties within us

 This lust

 Becomes us.

desires own design.

Your heart, your steel.

All mine.

You are mine. 

My property.

Properly submit 

Your submission


erotic elation

A cause for celebration

Defining  the sum

Of our Dual equation.

You like to come?

You like it if I come now?

Because I can.

.AND  I must admit I SO want to get down

Exuding such excitement
As your fly  slowly goes down

God Metal makesSuch a carnal sound

 Your shaft, I  ,infused

with profound passion 

my eager lips worship

Are dying to be used. 

BATTERED, bitten ,sucked, bruised.

The sacrament of repeated rituals

 Mayrted in masochistic abuse

Whispered on the wind

Your erection is a suggestion

To which My lips Form a ?

Quickly , quietly it becomes a lesson

I was created to feel this sensation
My legs will split 

A thousand splits AND

Eroticly  elicitHungry growls 

Before wrapping around your spine

Burning a sexual constellation Into the night sky

Sexual symbiosis an ethereal gift

To be ritualistically revered 

The universe offered
And we volunteered.

We are deeper creatures

Deeply intense

We don’t feel things mildy ,

no subtle secondary reactions

But respond quite violently

Volcanic eruptions

,spontaneous combustion,

intense sexual satisfaction

Untamed tsunamis

waiting to happen

Known not by their names

but by their actions

Desire .




Their Desire is a forcefield Of Pleasure Without measure

It’s qualifications(When channeled straight through the quivering human soul  is a )

Pure manifestation of carnal celebrations

with etheral elaborations

that deplete and devein  the heavens ……….condemning the earth to mass masturbation

( of which there is no relief only furious frustration.)

The culmination , an accumulation of the combination of….


I’m sitting at my friend Chuck’s house watching him and my dog sleep… but sleep evades me just the same as peace and contentment..haha. I would like to be content, sated.. but I am not. So.. what else is there? I don’t know.. my life is currently full of nothing!

Take and eat my erotic sin
heaven beside you; hell within
Sink my teeth into your flesh
take my soul it’s all that’s left
Lie to me don’t leave me alone
I need someone to be my home
my body is tired and needs to sleep
but my spirit is wild n will always roam
through blackest nights and depths of deep

Stupid ig losers and their premature victory banter..

‪Ghost white hand of reality crept through my delirium, upsetting the equilibrium of the die that had been cast. The sky cleared , the sun appeared .. the waters were calm at last. As I looked over the horizon towards tomorrow yesterday came into focus and I saw all its sorrow was solely for myselfContinue reading “Stupid ig losers and their premature victory banter..”

https://www.manyvids.com/Video/2123519/At-a-customers/ Correction…I start streaming on the 13 th..I will have venue info closer to the day..still setting up my cams..you’re going to come, aren’t you.? Email me at moonghostxxo@icloud.com for more info…or to sign up. Please check out the massive amount of new media on my http://www.patreon.com/Maniacalmoon and onlyfans.com/Maniacalmoon or tribute 1$ to my pageContinue reading

New Moon New MeNew Energy You can bet I’m planting my seeds New Moon New Me New energy The earth under my feet consumes my energy..depletes So it’s so very sweet mine is renewed by the moon. Nothing said bothers me, I turn it into fuel.

Poem from COC on twitter

Entering slowly
on a quest for the prize
Planning my move
staring into your eyes
Steamy & sticky
poised on the perch
Raunchy & ready
going on a search
I have you kneeling
waiting for my command
sweetly submissive
pleasure on demand…”