Sometimes I wanna take you down


sometimes I wanna get you low

wipe the hair back from your eyes

lay you down watch the river flow

sometimes I wanna walk these streets

behind. Green sheet of glass

a million miles below their feet.
a million miles, a million miles.

be with you girl

is like being low

hey hey hey it’s like being stoned.

Oh my God! D’iOS Mio! I am so exhilarated! And it’s only the first notch of the belt! It can tighten a lot more. Cut out all the unsightly gristle and fat! I’ve FINALLY discovered how my phones hacked! That God for S, the data scientist! An old suite account I hade made and forgot about.. it had all my devices listed in it, all my enail addresses and a zillion rules etc and worse of all Google Meet with the notifications turned off.. that’s why the camera was. always on! People were able to initiate cam calls with me without me receiving notifications! Fucking violation! They could hear anything.. set all the rules on my device, screw with the apps, control the browser settings.. and make new devices.. that’s why my device was a new device every freaking day!
As soon as I discovered it.. I got in there and started deleted rules and apps but when it came to deleting the browser rules.. suddenly my account was suspended ! I went to sign into another one and the password was changed of course! It would not let me reset it! But that’s a small problem! This shit is over with almost! I seem to remember a certain person calling me months ago, taunting me saying they were coming over and wanted me to fix “noodles” .. that’s the name of gsuite app that lets you in to peoples account without the password. Imagine that cockwipe TAUNTING me with this.. and my dumb as taking him literally. My gut suspicions were right the entire time.. the entire time! Those devious d”,ckheads are going to be completely contrite for having fucked with me.. I’m removing a lot of it tonight and what is left. Well it’s a matter of days. And my new high tech laptop will be here in a few days ! God I detest you guys so much the crap you caused me.. ALL OF YOU. The fake account makers for Instagram, FB, twitter and etc.. the clec calks, the emails.. I got you.. you ain’t got to go nowhere! But y’all willl! I’ll only spare one! The shit is done and I’m making certain y’all never want to do it again! God I’m thru with you losers and interlopers messing my life, finances and trying vainly to mess with my head! I’ll talk to my lawyer tomorrow. Hopefully I have a nice little lawsuits! There will be immediate retribution! Fucking Popeye, jr, others I won’t mention here, fuck you all, ding dong the witch is dead. You all can quit messing with my life now and better focus on your own.. for sure!


Published by Maniacal Moon Media

i am a struggling panicky and poetic person in Tucson..i am at times too kind, too trusting and am currently hacked, stalked and suffering financially from identity theft and losing ability to collect funds and get to work..yikes

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