Hello from a brand new computer, brand new everything.. not even my number or network are the same. har har har.. try me now buttholes! I realise it is still possible to trick me.. a little..i’ll become aware of it before you do all the way.. but my first instinct is to do as people wish..wish I wasn’t so naturally, inherently compliant. But then again Im glad my very nature isn’t suspiscion.. aren’t I? Maybe it should be, for the world I’m still living in with at least one foot.. but I’m hovering over a new world and soon I’ll have both feet planted firmly in it, where people all aren’t automatically out to trick or harm you , cause things to happen to you. I can’t believe I’ve been in that world for so long. Well, SO LONG…..

ps Ill be back and add a photo later.. I’ve got to find a way to transfer them without transfering any bugs. Remember I’ll be streaming tomorrow at noon on http://www.onlyfans.com/maniacalmoon

Published by Maniacal Moon Media

i am a struggling panicky and poetic person in Tucson..i am at times too kind, too trusting and am currently hacked, stalked and suffering financially from identity theft and losing ability to collect funds and get to work..yikes

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