Angry Johnny bluk

So I was robbed last night play frail little man with white hair incredibly hairy legs and noseSo I was robbed last night play frail little man with white hair incredibly hairy legs no , Who is claiming to help me me too late do I find out He was really the antichrist and was stealing photos and videos of me as well as taking them also I’m pretty sure he was trying to cause me to get run over on a bike that was too large and bulky for me to write he was trying to get me to follow him and just copy his moves exactly at the same time he did them without bothering to turn to look to make sure I wasn’t darting out in front of oncoming traffic. It’s a good thing I didn’t listen or I’d be a splotch on the road right now,Instead of a splotch on my friend XXXs bed, The next-door neighbor who is kind enough to help me and so far for helping the only reward received was to have their WiFi hacked by the deplorable dickhead. At least now I have an insight into how he does it ,using algorithms to guess your password….I know this because I seen the webpage history on my phone I guess he thinks by doing all of his hackers things through my phone he can escape being caught.Well he’s at least avoid any contact with you police so far that way because that was how I made all my Reports. So I didn’t bother this time, but I’m stuck, my elderly roomate is at home by himself, with his own hacked phone, and I’m worried for him more then me. The whole reason I’m hacked is this group of idiots who want my roommates credit card Info ….all of my cards have been drained as well. My phone won’t let me get anyone real…my contacts are all fake people.,… I know so because asking an uncle and a friend for help they replied they wanted drugs and anal sex. Fucking crazy world. I have no friends, no family to call, only thankful to these people who took me in, who are hacked as well. I’m going to go take a walk soon and take vlogs to show u what and where. If you can cash app me ANYTHING please I would appreciate..stuck with no shoes, only jammies on , no money n no way of checking on roomate… please


Contact me … is my PayPal

Published by Maniacal Moon Media

i am a struggling panicky and poetic person in Tucson..i am at times too kind, too trusting and am currently hacked, stalked and suffering financially from identity theft and losing ability to collect funds and get to work..yikes

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