Dear God,

It is worse then I thought. It is just about how I imagined it could be though, before I pushed it out of my head. But like an insidious vine worms it’s way into the cracks in the bricks and mortar,, the thought inched itself back in on insistent and insolent feet. It’s ok, I’ve been stupidly ignoring the signs and vibes long enough. “ Not thinking about it “ never solved anything… I’m already a sitting duck.. I don’t want my wings spread for them.. haha.
So not you God, you know, but all the rest of you just know I’ve been whining about some hacking crap, and credit card fraud, identity theft. Yes all that’s true I’ve been made completely broke with no asssets but it’s worse then that. I’ve got no ID anywhere either…I remember various blogs telling you about them disappearing one by one. Not only that, but all of my online accounts are disappearing, even bills from creditors are. I’m not getting on the real internet or real applications..most of the woRld isn’t seeing my posts OKand videos…or if they are …..I am being led to believe they are not. Either way, it’s isolating to not be able to hear from anyone, or them you. I can’t even get response emails for passsword reset….. My phone doesn’t accept calls, won’t call the company and I doubt the text messages I am getting are real or not. Most likely not…says no data half the time.

And the one “ friend” I did have, started acting weird a few weeks ago…started losing his phones n my ability to reach him dropped off. I sincerely hoped he was going to give me one of the cars he had in excess on payments, he did not . They came and gone as mysteriously as the other girls staying on the property. And in one of their eyes I saw and recognized an inherent evil, distinct dislike for me in her reptilian stare and an abberrent anticipation for bad events yet to occur. To me. I didn’t like her much before this , sensing her presence and involvement in the random to be much more so than it was…and it was.
Wow I keep falling asleep now as I write this. I don’t use my phone anymore as it’s little more than a tracking device and audio/ video translated and frankly if it’s not working for me it’s against me, and it is. Now I’d and cc theft is one thing, but why the need to monitor and track. . Because at some point when these whatever plans progress to the next level, there will be much more incriminating evidence available to be discovered by me, which would be bad for those pursuing this mad scheme….also, when the credit or money obtained via my persona, name etc is gone..what else is there to do with me..I would be a loosed end…and we happen to border a land where one may sell troublesome big mouth loose ends like me for a pretty peso…quite a few far less than I’d imagine unfortunately, but still quite a good amount to those unaccustomed to savings in abundance. I definitely wouldn’t be the. First to go disappear there this year,,, and I do not think zI would have a good time or find time or inclination to write humorous blogs about it. I think not a peep would be heard from me again..and sooner or later I’d wind up vanishing and ceasing altogether..and that would be my story…for those few who were able to know …. NOPE…
As of today I am in hiding, Not going to be tracked anymore by devices. It’s funny my friends don’t call me at all unless I have a Device off or a VPN and can’t be seen electronically and then they call over and over again but as soon as I’m back on the mat to turn it off and dirt is interested and want nothing to do .be back later.

So take care all I’ll post blogs If I can.. if you care send me a dollar with the PayPal link cuz I have no way of getting money safely. Necessities will be the bait they set the bear trap with to lured out of the hole, and I don’t wanna. If you don’t , then do nothing …. I certainly don’t have any human faith left..I’m just a clearance item that’s got to be pushed offf the shelf. Bye xo good luck in life

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i am a struggling panicky and poetic person in Tucson..i am at times too kind, too trusting and am currently hacked, stalked and suffering financially from identity theft and losing ability to collect funds and get to work..yikes

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